Book a Solar Power System Service

Are you one of the thousands of Halcol Energy’s customers that have previously had a Solar PV system installed? If so, it could be some time since we first installed your system and we now recommend you have a full service and optimization check carried out, to ensure that your system is running at its full potential.

Our highly trained and qualified, solar accredited engineers will visit your installation, and check all the solar panels for faults, degradation and any damage. All cable runs on the roof will be inspected and we will ensure that the cables are firmly and correctly fixed to the rails. A further inspection will be carried out on the isolation boxes, to verify for any product recalls, water ingress and any other damage, and then resealed after any rectification work.

The inverter itself will be checked for any damage, faults and software updates, then each solar panel will be cleaned to ensure optimum performance, increased by up to 10%. Our expert engineers will collect data from your inverter, meter and power bill that we will analyse at our office, to ensure that your solar system is operating at its highest capacity and capability.

Halcol Energy are pleased to offer our valued, existing customers an amazing deal with exclusive discounts on this examination and overhaul check. The perfect opportunity if you want to keep your Solar Power system in top condition.

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