Gympie Aquatic Centre – Commercial Solar Installation

Halcol Energy recently installed a 100kw Solar PV at the Gympie Aquatic Recreational Centre, employing the latest cutting edge technology.

This multi-million dollar ARC centre has opened its doors to the public, bringing impressive, state-of-the-art facilities to its rapidly evolving community. The entire project has been designed to keep its environmental impact to an absolute minimum, and what better to assist with this than to utilise Solar PV panels, a renewable source, providing a very environmentally friendly project in a commercial setting, that normally uses colossal amounts of energy.

The Gympie Aquatic Centre

This facility boasts not only a 100m and a 25m pool, but also waterslides, water-play area, office facilities and a conference centre adjacent to the main centre building. Aiming to provide leisure activities, community programs, training and lap swimming events and regional competitions, the ARC certainly does meet community demand with excellent amenities.

Solar PV System

The Client required that this ultra-modern facility set the standards using innovative expertise. The design team at Halcol Energy engineered that the roof of the ARC played a vital role in achieving this, using key renewable technologies, such as PV Photovoltaics to minimise its environmental impact. A massive installation of 370 x 270 watt Canadian Solar Panels with embedded Optimisers, connected to 3 x Tri-Power Solar Edge Inverters provide 153,000 kw of clean, free energy.

The solar panels that criss-cross the roof of the Centre provide power to assist with the heating, pumps and automated chlorination systems of the pools. Installed by Halcol’s highly trained and skilled staff, the system is expected during its lifetime, to save over 3,600,000 kg of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere.

Gympie Aquatic Centre is an innovative building that features remarkable, sustainable credentials.