Flex Energy Monitor
Monitor. Learn. Save.

Considering Solar or Solar Batteries?

With the Flex Energy Monitor, you can see exactly what your solar power system is generating and how much electricity your household is consuming; helping you stay informed and in control of energy use.

Simple to install and easy to use, Energy Monitor is powered by WiFi enabled ultra-compact, award-winning metering and switching hardware.

The Energy Monitor interface can be easily accessed online via your computer, tablet or mobile; assisting an even easier transition to a smarter, connected home.

Your personal home energy monitoring system

Our powerful monitoring system will give you the data you need to help find the perfect solar solution for your property. 

✓  Empowers you to track your energy usage patterns and solar electricity generation.

✓  Solar generation and electricity consumption can be monitored via a single user-friendly interface from your computer or mobile device.

✓  Stay in control – receive automated system performance alerts via email.

✓  Set and forget – easy to retrofit to any existing solar power installation.

✓  Powered by award-winning utility grade meter for high accuracy and reliability.


Works with all solar power systems

Powerful yet simple interface.

Receive solar performance email alerts

of monitoring APP access included

AC battery ready and up to 6 channels available

Secure cloud data storage


From Only $295

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• Utility Grade (Class 1) meter accuracy,1 minute data updates

• Built-in universal power supply (batteries not required)

• 3 channel device

• 2 x 60 A spilt-core CTs designed to fit typical 16mm2 residential main cable

• Multiphase monitoring (single device can measure 1 channel of 3-phase)

• Requires two slots in switchboard

• 3G or WiFi versions available. WiFi version requires WiFi access close to switchboard

• Requires broadband or faster internet connection to access online portal

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