Expanding Your Solar System

If you’re thinking of upgrading your Solar Power System you’ve come to the right place.

It’s important to get the right advice from outset to understand the Pro’s and Con’s of Solar Power System expansion. Luckily the trained Halcol Team are experts in expanding Solar Power Systems, we’re here to listen to your current situation, ask you all the right questions and after review talk you through the options available. Then if you decide if you’re still looking to expand your Solar Power System we can assist you make the right decision for your home.

Each model of Inverter can take a number of solar panels. So you may be able to expand your Solar Power System simply by adding more Solar Panels to your current system maximising your existing Inverters capacity. Once your Solar System Inverter has been fully loaded with its maximum number of Solar Panels, then another unit can be added to work in parallel with the existing Inverter to supersize your Solar Power System. Depending on your Solar Power Systems specifications there may be a number of ways that you can expand the system.

The good news is that Solar is getting cheaper every day, so the price you’ll pay for the extra kW’s expanding your system may be considerably less than you paid originally. The bad news is if your not careful that upgrading your Solar Power System may mean that you lose your current Queensland 44c FiT and be put on the standard 8c FiT. So it’s essential we find the right expansion solution for you.

In Queensland if you are currently on the 44c Feed In Tariff and you want to upgrade your Solar Power System then here’s what you need to know about your FiT:

  • If you upgrade your Inverter to a bigger one and add more Solar Panels you’ll lose your 44c FiT and be put on the 8c FiT
  • If your Inverter has a bigger capacity than your current Solar Panel array and you can add more Solar Panels you will keep your 44c FiT
  • If you want to add a second solar power system in addition to your existing one you will lose your 44c FiT and be put on the 8c FiT
  • If you want to replace your existing Solar Power System with an entirely new one then as long as the new system is no larger in kW size to your original system you will keep your 44c FiT

If you already on the 8c FiT and your still looking to expand you Solar Power System then you really have nothing to loose.

You can find QLD Government’s official Feed In Tariff information here.

This is by no means the end of your Solar Power System expansion journey and we’re here to ensure that you avoid the pitfalls. Assuming that you current system is performing roughly as expected and does not require fixing or cleaning then here’s our System Expansion Pitfalls Checklist for you:

  1. Check you can keep your current Feed In Tariff when expanding your Solar Power System
  2. Check your Solar Power System size expansion is acceptable to your electricity network operator
  3. Check that your expansion plans will not mean your exporting too much power to the electricity grid for little $ per kWh
  4. Check that your expansion plans are fully in accordance with the Clean Energy Council and industry standard guidelines
  5. Check that the additional Solar Panels and hardware required for expansion is compatible with your current system and won’t void any existing warranties
  6. Check that the financial outcomes and analysis projections are sound and explain the Payback Period and Rate of Return on Investment

We’ll run through this checklist and more with you and provide you with a full quotation answering all of these questions and telling you:

  • What rules and implications there are around your system upgrade and electricity network connection
  • What changes may have to be made to the current system setup to and equipment to comply with industry standard
  • Which additional Solar Panels and hardware will be used to expand your Solar Power System including warranty guarantees
  • What your homes electricity consumption and grid export rations will be and how they’ll impact your electricity rates
  • What the new projected energy performance figures and features of your expanded Solar Power System will be
  • How much the Solar System Expansion will cost and what the Payback Period and Rate of Return on Investment will be

With ever-rising electricity costs and your homes increasing power consumption then upgrading your Solar Power System can ultimately make a lot of sense. If you would like to talk to us and find out about your expansion options then please call (07) 5438 8133 and ask for the expansion team.