Installation Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to each agreement for the supply of goods and services of Halcol Energy PTY LTD.

Goods and Services

  1. An agreement for the supply and purchase of goods will be formed on these terms and conditions when Halcol Energy have received payment of the agreed deposit (subject to necessary site inspection by a Halcol representative).
  2. The deposit is 10% of the contract price with the balance due on or prior to installation
  3. The customer must not cancel an order or terminate this agreement without prior consent from Halcol Energy.
  4. The customer agrees that Halcol Energy is working from information supplied by the customer and has relied on this information for this quote.
  5. All goods remain the property of Halcol Energy until such time as they are paid for in full.
  6. The customer is required to be on site on the day of installation. If the customer is not available Halcol Energy will position the solar array on a pre-agreed site or use reasonable judgement to site the array in the most optimum position.
  7. Purchase price is inclusive of GST and is based on current STC value as stated on the agreement. Should the STC value change which could alter the price of the system prior to installation, the customer will be informed and either party can withdraw from the agreement at no cost.
  8. Services undertaken by Halcol Energy are guaranteed against faulty workmanship for a minimum period of 12 months.
  9. Goods manufactured by parties other than Halcol Energy are subject to manufacturer’s warranties set out in the documentation provided by the manufacturer.
  10. Halcol Energy reserves the right to refer warranty claims to the manufacturer directly if outside the scope of reasonable service or installation work.
  11. Warranties become void if any unauthorised repairs or alterations have been made to the goods supplied and installed by Halcol Energy or their representatives.
  12. Warranty service calls will be carried out during normal business hours.
  13. Warranty calls will be carried out by a Halcol Energy representative only, unless advised otherwise.
  14. The customer is responsible for the full retail price of the system if Halcol Energy does not receive full payment from Local or State Government.
  15. Risk/loss or damage to the goods pass to the customer upon delivery/installation.
  16. Replacement or upgrade to the meter box, switchboard, circuit breaker or additional work required to the roof to make it suitable for the install will be at the owner’s expense, unless stated in the supply agreement. Halcol Energy will endeavour to bring any alterations required to the owners’ attention, however the information supplied cannot be relied upon to be accurate.
  17. Prices may be subject to change if there are any changes in legislation.
  18. Extra work ordered by electrical authorities will be at the customer’s expense.
  19. No responsibility will be taken for failure to install on an agreed date due to unforeseen circumstances. All efforts will be made to reschedule as quickly as possible.
  20. The customers obligation to pay the price stated on the supply agreement is not affected by any delay in the connection/supply of the meter or any other work which may be required by a third party not directly employed by Halcol Energy.
  21. All possible precautions will be taken to avoid damage when the goods are being installed, however if the roof tiles/tin are old or brittle this will be the responsibility of the customer. Halcol Energy will endeavour to match the existing roofing products but cannot guarantee an exact match.
  22. You understand that although Halcol Energy assist in arranging connection to the main grid and meter installation the agreement to undertake this connection is between you and your energy retailer and or distributor. Halcol Energy gives no warranty and makes no guarantees in relation to the home owners entitlement to or receiving of feed in tariff (“feed in tariffs”) that may be available for the electricity to be fed back into the grid
  23. Halcol Energy will not be responsible for any unforeseen circumstances such as, but not limited to, the customers chosen system size not fitting on the roof, the roof not being suitable for solar, etc. Halcol will still endeavour to amend the system to suit the property if possible and will adjust the prices accordingly.
  24. Halcol Energy have advised me of the expected output from the solar system and therefore cannot be held liable for any loss of performance due to the owner not regularly checking the output
  25. Failure to pay any money due under this agreement, Halcol Energy Pty Ltd will be entitled to charge interest on any unpaid amount at 2% above base rate

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