Mr. Bauer – Tinbeerwah

Price, size, capacity, quality, performance and credibility of solar systems available on the market and payback time were priority issues for us in aiming to achieve cost neutral energy use on our Sunshine Coast home.

We are so impressed with the genuine and excellent professional advice given to us by the Halcol Energy team, their willingness to assess alternative size solar system products suitable for our needs, consider options, openly answer all our questions and always be contactable.

We have installed a 3.7 kW solar system, combined with a 4 kW solar inverter; absolutely top quality products, lowest price and best value for money compared to the competitors. We estimate payback time of around 4 years, or 25% return on our investment, no risk, and then 100% return thereafter. Where else you can get that level of return on your investment, add value to your home and support the environment?

Installation was a breeze and completed in less than 3 weeks topping off the excellent professional customer service provided by Halcol Energy and its support team.

Halcol Energy arranged everything from working out the best solar system and products for our needs, the best price, installation and connection to the grid system. Based on our experience, Halcol Energy is the best professional one stop shop for the supply and installation of your solar system and provides excellence in customer service!

Solar System Specs