Solar Battery Systems

Some key benefits of our Solar Battery Systems

  • Batteries are 20% bigger than the rated 2.5Kwh & 5.6Kwh which means you get 2.5Kwh & 5.6Kwh usable at 80% DOD
  • 2000 cycles is 5.5 years
  • 2000 cycles at max charge, max discharge, or every 1hr and 10 minutes
  • The average household will charge and discharge much slower, around 4+ hours to charge and maybe 3-5 hrs discharge so as per the warranty statement is 7 years performance warranty with 10 year expected life.
  • The warranty is also very good with minimum 75% capacity after 7 years.
  • The LgChem on the same max charge/discharge rates around 1600 cycles.
  • BMS built in for intelligent management of cell temperature & operation status
  • Compatible with GoodWe Hybrid and will be tested with other brand inverters before they are released
  • Can have 8 batteries linked together in a daisy chain
  • In built fuse – battery protection: over current, over voltage, short circuit, under voltage, over temperature