Many homeowners throughout Queensland are now installing storage batteries as an addition to their solar PV panels, allowing them to store excess energy produced, to use when demand is high. Queensland households, who already have battery storage at home, are invited to sign up to the initial battery storage database, announced recently by Dr Anthony Lynham, The Energy Minister for Queensland.  By doing so, they can receive a $50 incentive.

Why a database?

In the event of an emergency, Ergon Energy and Energex require to have details of the location of the storage batteries to hand. In addition, they can examine the power network’s resilience to price spikes and demand during peak periods and use these opportunities to reduce wholesale prices. Currently around 500 storage batteries are registered with these energy suppliers, but it is believed that there are many more installed on residential properties. As a legal requirement, homeowners with a battery storage system should advise Ergon energy and Energex if they are hooking anything up, for example a battery system, to the distribution network. Customers adding their details to this centralised register cam receive a one-off incentive of $50.

Details you need to submit to claim your $50

  • Personal details
  • NMI – National metering Identifier (from your energy bill)
  • Details of the battery storage system – type and model number
  • CX Network connection number – your installer should be able to provide this detail
  • Your bank account details

Storage Battery options

Here at Halcol Energy, we have several options to maximise the surplus energy produced by your solar PV panels. We offer intelligent storage possibilities that allow stored energy produced during daytime hours, to be at your disposal during peak hours. SonnenBatterie and Tesla Powerwall 2 take control of your renewable energy and provide efficient options for your home.

Register on the database.  Don’t miss out on this $50 incentive!