Installing an array of solar panels to your roof (or, indeed, anywhere else on your property) is quite an investment. If you’re planning to stay put for another decade or so, you’ll start to see a return on your investment as the energy savings and the tariff payments will start to outweigh the initial expense of the panels themselves.

What if, though, you are keen to go solar but you might be planning to move within a few years? Maybe you installed an array recently but you have to move – you need to upsize because of a new baby or you have to move city because of a new job. Will you lose out on the money you spent on your panels?

Solar power increases your house price

In a word, no. Around 85% of Australians say that a solar array adds value to a house; in fact, more Aussies will pay extra for solar panels than they will for other forms of renewable or energy-saving tech. Just 47% of Australians would consider paying more for a house with water-saving features, with 70% willing to shell out a bit extra for solar water heating. Energy-saving household appliances prove popular as well, with 79% of people happy to pay more for a house with them already installed.

You don’t even have to sell up

That new job doesn’t mean you have to put the place up for sale – you might consider renting for a year or so to see how you like your new area. Solar is good news in the rental market as well, because prospective tenants will pay at least $10 each week – $40 per month – to live in a house that has renewable energy sources and energy-saving gadgets.

Use your green creds as a USP

If you do go to market, or put your house up for rent, being able to offer prospective tenants low running costs and a greener-all-round place to live can be a big draw, especially in a competitive market.

Big up your green self!