Of course, we don’t really know when it’s Earth’s actual birthday or even exactly how old it really is, but since 1970 we’ve decided to call April 22 Earth Day and many of us mark this anniversary by doing something for the planet that we call home.

Earth Day usually sees lots of international campaigns to raise environmental awareness; 1990’s Earth Day, for example, was dedicated to recycling while this year is all about reducing the use of plastics.

Do your bit

Chances are that you’re already cutting down on your plastic consumption; you’re nixing plastic bags at the shops, buying plastic-free body scrubs and using refillable glass or metal water bottles at the gym. This is great and definitely something you should keep up, but the focus on plastics this year doesn’t mean you can take your eye off the carbon ball.

In some ways, it’s easier to maintain a low carbon footprint than it is to use less plastic If you fit solar panels to your property, for example, you’re doing something to reduce your emissions that’ll last all year round for at least 25 years.

Look to solar power

Australia is leading the way when it comes to rooftop (domestic and small business) solar installations and the movement is showing no signs of stopping. There are also lots of incentive schemes to make it more affordable for you, as well as the fact that you could even earn some money by feeding back your excess electricity into the grid.

You might already have some solar panels that you’re very happy with, which is brilliant, of course. However, the next phase of solar is upon us – the storage battery and Sunshine Coast solar installer Halcol recently became a supplier of the Tesla Powerwall 2 and the sonnenBatterie solar storage systems. Using a solar battery means you’re even less reliant on fossil fuel-generated electricity as you can still use solar power after the sun’s gone down.

Call Halcol now for a consultation to see how much further you can reduce your carbon footprint this year!