We Don’t Have Anywhere Else to Go Yet – Let’s Keep this Place Clean

We’re making a mess of the planet, but it’s not too late to put the brakes on and turn things around. Caring about the environment isn’t just for tree-huggers and hippies, it’s for everyone as we only have this one place to live! Here’s why you should do something for your planet:

A clean environment is essential for our health

The more people care about the environment, the less they’ll want to pump the air full of greenhouse gases and toxic compounds or fill our water bodies with industrial waste and rubbish.

Yes, we have sewage systems to clean up the water, or at least we can boil it, but what about the air? Air’s a lot harder to clean and we breathe it in 24/7.

The planet is getting warmer

Global warming is causing climate change. Climate change is leading to changes in weather patterns, with previously “freak” weather becoming frequent. We can expect to see more floods, droughts, wildfires and superstorms, and so can our children and grandchildren.

Your grandchildren and great-grandchildren will wonder what you did to help

You might not be worried for yourself, but imagine your grandchildren stumbling across a scorching plateau, looking for food and water. They won’t thank you for driving that gas-guzzler. The time is now to make that important sacrifice and think ahead.

Biodiversity is vital

Biodiversity is the sheer number of different plants and animals that live alongside us. It’s necessary for the balanced functioning of the ecosystem and human activity can affect it.

We rely on biodiversity more than we realise – we eat many different species of plant and animal, and we rely on natural processes that have evolved over millions of years to sustain us. Flies eating dung looks gross, but it gets rid of the dung – if the flies die out, who will rid us of poo and the decomposing mouse corpses under our floorboards?

Earth is our home

And it’s the only one we have as yet!