It’s more important than ever that as many of us as possible swap over to sustainable energy. A lot of people in Australia already have solar power, but we need to aim higher. If you’re thinking about going solar, here’s five surprising benefits that might just persuade you.

You can heat up your water with solar power

We all love hot water and heating water is a big energy outlay for many households. By using a solar water heater you could reduce the cost of your hot tap by as much as 80% over the course of a year!

A solar array can increase your house value

When it comes to selling up, an impressive-looking (or, to be honest, any-looking) solar array can bump up the asking price of your property, with almost nine out of ten Aussies saying they’d pay extra for a house with solar power. Renters will pay up to $50 more a month, too.

You can get tax credits and incentives for going solar

These incentives vary according to your state, but they are generous and mean that you don’t have to wait quite so long for your panels to turn a profit for you.

Techie improvements mean that almost all homes can use solar panels

Whether you have a flat roof or even a living roof, or you live in a boat, or a little cabin, you can go solar; at least in part. Many companies now offer solar solutions to a range of buildings and vehicles – all you have to do is ask. Even better is the fact that we now have solar batteries so you can carry on using the sun long after it’s dipped below the horizon!

It’s actually very easy to go solar

Australia’s solar companies all know how to install arrays, as well as show you how to look after them in the future. Many installers also offer annual inspections to make sure everything’s ticking over just fine.