Government Solar rebate changes from January

Householders can currently save thousands of dollars by installing solar energy products to their homes, if you qualify for one of the Australian government’s grants, subsidies or solar rebates.

Based on today’s current statistics, if you were to buy a solar system today, the subsidies received would be worth around $700 per kW installed, approximately around $3500 saving on a 5kW system. However, current legislation has decided that this solar rebate will be reduced from 2017, by an initial decrease of one fifteenth each year, until it reaches a negative figure of zero by 2032.

Rebate to be reduced from January 2017

Households considering installing a Solar PV system to their rooftop should note that the value of STCs will be reduced from the 1st of January 2017. These Small-scale Technology Certificates are provided as a form of rebate under the Australian Government’s scheme for Renewable Energy Targets, designed to encourage the additional generation of electricity from renewable and sustainable sources, and to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases in the electricity sector.

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