Spring isn’t too far away now and not only do the days get warmer and longer, they offer more sunlight to your solar panels. Spring is great because there’s more sunlight, but it’s not too hot, so your panels are at their happiest (as it were).

This season, therefore, is the best time to get those panels cleaned so that they soak up all those lovely photons. It’s time to get your PV system cleaned and serviced.

An annual service is important

And not just for a clean-up. Your panels’ electrical systems should all be inspected and tested; just because their power doesn’t come from the grid doesn’t mean they’re exempt from a regular check-up. Your service will help you to:

  • maintain your optimal performance;
  • reach your optimum financial return;
  • reduce the risks of fire;
  • make sure your system is properly earthed, and
  • identify any damage to cables and connectors.

You should get your system checked over at least every two years, but if you’re also having a spring clean, you might as well get a properly trained and qualified electrician to check over the nuts and bolts.

Cleaning those panels

If your roof is sloping, then you may not need to clean your panels once a year, unless you’re in a coastal or heavily-polluted area (or if you have lots of well-fed birds nearby…). The glass on solar panels is self-cleaning, so rainfall should remove most grime. There’s no harm with a quick brush-up, though.

If your roof is flat, cleaning your panels can boost output by more than a third, which is why it’s a good idea to get your panels cleaned at least once a year. If you’re in an especially dirty area, spring and autumn are the best times for a wash.

If you can’t reach your panels yourself with a hose and a soft brush, then you’ll need to bring in a professional cleaning service, with harnesses and specialised washers and de-ionised water.

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