Imagine if you didn’t have to pay an energy bill for two years, how fantastic would that be?

Halcol Energy are offering householders the opportunity to live without the burden of power bills for 2 years, when they register successfully with sonnenFlat for an eligible sonnenBatterie installation.

Are you eligible?
All you need to do to gain access to this amazing offer, is to purchase a 5kW solar plus an 8kW (or larger) sonnenBatterie package, the cost of which begins at around $75 per week. Then register with sonnen for sonnenFlat and for all Halcol Energy Customers, they will waive the standard electricity fee (that is normally paid monthly) for a generous 24 month period. You will be free from rising energy costs for a whole two year period! If you’ve already bought your sonnenBatterie system from Halcol during August, it’s not too late for you to apply for this offer too.

Don’t miss out!
As with the majority of these tremendous money-saving offers, terms and conditions apply and applications are strictly limited. You don’t want out miss out on the opportunity to pay $0 power bills for 24 months, so don’t delay and call our solar team on 5438 8133 for further information.

This offer is exclusive to Halcol Energy on the Sunshine Coast – no one else can offer you this amazing deal!.

Call our team on 5438 8133 or read more about sonnenFlat and sonnenBatterie.