We install 56kw system at Kawana Forest Retirement Home

Halcol Energy are committed to serving local businesses and have recently completed an installation of a 56kw solar system at Kawana Forest Retirement Home, on the Sunshine Coast. During the past few years in Australia, there has been an enormous rise in the number of solar system installations, notably due to the substantial government rebates, the feed in tariffs, and essentially due to the large increases in our energy bills.

Queensland is perfect for solar energy

The state of Queensland is on target for solar production, with longer days and high sunlight levels. There are few states around Australia that can better utilise the sun. We see on average, around 9-10 hours of sunshine each day, much more than in other areas. Having your solar panels in direct sunlight (without obstruction by longer shadows caused by sunset and sunrise) means more time producing power and in the main, more efficiency in production. Of course, this efficient energy production means lower energy bills and less reliance on the grid. Perfect for commercial businesses.

Halcol Energy

As much as we are focussed on delivering the most environmentally friendly, green products of tomorrow, we are also proud of the highly efficient, quality standards that we provide today. Our solar power systems are designed to suit all budgets and differing energy needs. All of our solar energy systems include full installation and solar panels and inverter. We make the process simple:

  • Contact us – we will assess your electricity requirements
  • Quotation – we will suggest the right system for your needs
  • Installation – we will arrange everything required for a complete installation
  • Savings and Power – you will receive ongoing advice – warranties, maintenance and any queries you may have. Start saving from the day the installation is turned on.

Our installation at Kawana Forest Retirement Home is only one of many solar systems in the local region that Halcol Energy have recently installed and commissioned. We work closely with local businesses to bring about energy saving potential and reductions in financial expenditure.