Learn How to Harness the Sun with Halcol Energy and the Sunshine Coast Council

If you’ve been thinking about installing a solar system or a solar battery into your home then you can find out more about it at a series of talks that our very own Martin Rudd will be delivering in August and September. The Sunshine Coast Council are leading the initiative and invited Halcol Energy to partner with them, as the largest solar company on the Sunshine Coast.

Just like the energy from the sun, these talks are free and you’ll learn all about the many options you have when it comes to solar systems and battery storage. Batteries are the next step in solar tech as they let you use solar power even after the sun has gone down.

Going solar can be confusing, with all the inverters, kilowatt hours, batteries, tariffs and so on, but Martin knows his stuff inside out and will break it all down for you. You’ll come away from the session feeling empowered, knowledgeable and ready to make the next move.

Did we mention that the talks are free? Actually, they’re even better than that because you’ll get a goodie bag full of info to take home with you.

Register your spot – limited spaces!

So that we can reach as many people as possible, we’re going to eight different places on eight different days:


Register your spot – limited spaces!