How long till you see a return on your solar investment?

We’ve all read about it in the press, and heard it on the news reports. You do some research, make an outlay of funds on fitting new solar panels, but how long does it take until you see a return on your investment?

The answer is not long at all! Halcol Energy can report that our customers, Peter and Suzi Finch from Pelican Waters, were the first people to take up the sonnenBatterie system, having it installed on 9 August 2017. We installed a 6.44Kw system, with a 6Kw Sonnen Battery – and after only several months, with incentives for having solar energy and feed in tariff schemes, where the householder is paid for excess energy that is fed back to the grid, Peter and Suzy’s first energy bill showed they owed nothing for power used, and in fact they were well in to credit. Proof that you can in fact, turn a profit from installing solar power in your home.

The benefits of residential solar panels

Over the past 5 years, the costs to install solar energy in residential properties, have dropped drastically, while the incentives for householders who install them increase. Several years ago, it was quite an innovative idea to install a solar battery in your home, but nowadays homeowners are more cost conscious, as we are living in relatively expensive times with the costs for even basic necessities increasing every year. As the costs for conventional energy is rising each year, at around a rate of 4% annually, so is the popularity of solar power increasing too.

What does this mean for you?

Of course the exact amount its possible for you to save by installing solar power depends on several factors: the area you live, how much power you use, whether your house is in full sun or shaded, the size of your solar system, and if you get a battery installed.

Installation costs are competitive, incentives are brilliant, and to top it all, your energy bills will be drastically reduced!

Contact Halcol Energy to discuss how you can save hundreds of dollars on your electricity bills, just like our many other customers.

Hear from Peter and Suzy…