One of the direct effects of the solar power revolution we’ve had over the last decade or so is the huge proliferation of solar panel providers and installation companies.

While the sheer number of companies might have offered consumers a wide choice, it also meant a sharp drop in numbers as some enterprises went to the wall. This could have been due to the intense competition, bad management or any of a number of reasons, but no matter what the reason, if your solar provider ceased to trade, you’ve got nowhere to go for warranty or service.

Do your homework

Of course, any company can fold if it’s hit by a financial or personal disaster, but some companies are more resistant to problems than others. For solar panels, one way to pick out a healthy, sturdy solar provider is to check out Bloomberg and look at its latest list of Tier 1 companies.

A Tier 1 rating isn’t about the quality of the products necessarily (although there’s a strong correlation between this ranking and the quality of the panels), it’s abut how strong and stable the company’s finances and operations are.

If your preferred installer is in good shape, with good staff, an efficient supply chain and stable business and technical partners then it’s likely to be around for a good while. Certainly for the next few years at least so you can ask for aftercare or repairs under warranty.

If you’ve been let down by any of these now-defunct companies…

You may have used a supplier or installer in recent years that’s folded or ceased trading and so you might be wondering what to do with your panels or your inverter, especially if they need maintenance or repairs.

Don’t worry, at Halcol we understand how you might feel let down or left behind, so if you bought your solar power system from one of the companies listed below, we can offer seamless help.

Ark Energy P/
Planet Shares P/L in Noosa
Bamboo & Solar Direct
Clear Solar
Coastal Solar Solutions
Envirofreindly products
Air Solar

Inspire Solar (Greenhouse Express)
Cleaner Energy
Green Solar Solutions
Ozwater/Australian Solar & Water Solutions/Ecoassist/Solarassist
Solar Powered Products/Premium Solar Systems

Solar Shop
Ark Energy P/
Planet Shares P/L in Noosa
Bamboo & Solar Direct
Ingenero solar
Energy hub
Eclipse solar