New home owners and first time buyers in both Brisbane and Sydney will benefit hugely from a joint initiative between the CEFC (Clean Energy Finance Corporation) and Mirvac, the leading Australian new homes construction company.

Clean Energy Initiatives

Mirvac, one of the leading, urban developers in Australia, working in conjunction with the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, aim to introduce clean, green energy initiatives in three new districts, including 300 residential properties of 3 and 4 bedrooms. Each of these family homes will have solar power systems and battery storage facilities, as well as energy efficient appliances, LED lighting and high-grade insulation. These clean energy systems, capable of meeting around 90% of each home’s power usage, will consist of 5.1kW rooftop PV panels, coupled with 10kWh battery storage solutions. $90 million is being funded to support Mirvac’s proposal.

Lifetime savings for householders with net zero carbon properties

New build properties in Australia tend to have a lifespan of an average fifty years, making these new Mirvac properties with lower carbon emissions and reduced energy bills, an offer of a lifetime. The built in solar energy systems, and battery storage opportunities make these new build homes “cutting edge” and inspirational. The solar bundles will be installed during the property construction process and will offer greater benefits to the householder without them incurring any additional costs.

Construction on the Mirvac homes should begin towards the latter part of 2018 with the first homes to be completed and ready for first occupation towards the end of 2019.

Currently experimenting on a smart home in the middle suburbs of Melbourne, Mirvac developers are testing a high tech home that features the built in solar PV panels and battery storage. Over a period of one year, they are collecting data to see if a family can live a normal life in this property, without using high electricity and gas quotas.