Why You Need Solar Batteries

Solar energy is now commonplace, with PV arrays appearing everywhere, so the next step is to store the energy generated for use after dark. This is especially so after feed-in tariffs have fallen worldwide – sometimes householders end up buying back their own power at night!

Here’s why you need solar storage

Solar batteries aren’t fair-weather friends

Most solar storage batteries are lithium ion (Li-ion) and these batteries cope with extreme temperatures much better than the old lead-acid types. You want electricity when it’s really hot for the air-con, and for heating when it’s cold, right? Well, your Li-ion solar batteries will be there for you in all weathers, with just a small dip in output (around 10%).

They’re cleaner

Lead-acid batteries are your classic “dirty” energy tech, while Li-ion batteries don’t need as much material in their manufacture. The lithium needs to be mined initially, but recycling processes are always improving. Additionally, solar battery factories are looking towards using renewables themselves, so all-in-all, we’re talking about a very small carbon footprint.

Long-lasting power source

Solar batteries also have a long cycle life, which means they can be discharged and recharged many more times than lead-acid batteries before their capacity starts to wane. These batteries are pretty much maintenance-free, leaving you free to get on with life.

Smarter than the rest

Smart technology is changing the way we use and interact with our appliances and solar batteries are also connected to and controlled by the cloud. Smart solar batteries can learn and respond to weather trends, as well as to weekly household routines, enabling them to conserve energy for when it’s most needed and to avoid wastage when it’s not. Homeowners can also use wireless to give the batteries instructions when they’re out and about.

Even more freedom

Producing your own power is liberating, but a big restriction has been darkness, when you need to buy power from the grid. Storing your electricity means you can put on a washing load when you want, charge your laptop overnight – whatever you need to do – for free. Finally!