Winter’s on the way and if you’re bracing yourself for the drop-in power from your solar array, stop right there! You might have seen your output drop by a third in the past, but you can take some steps to make sure your panels maintain a decent supply of electricity to your household over winter.

Cooler weather doesn’t mean less power

Solar panels actually work better when it’s a bit cooler; for every degree over 25C, your panels lose a bit of efficiency, so as long as you’re smart, you can make winter work for you.

Give your array a clean

Now’s a good time to give your panels a once-over to get rid of dust, grime, sap, bird poo and so on. You don’t need harsh detergents and definitely no abrasive cloths or cleaners! Some mild detergent and a very soft sponge should do the trick. If you can’t get to your panels yourself, then ask your installer for help and advice.

Maximise exposure

Everything grows in the summer, so if your array is suddenly overshadowed by branches, make sure you trim them back so that your panels get uninterrupted sun throughout the daylight hours.

Another helpful step if you can’t trim back the branches or cut down trees   is to change the position of your panels or we can use a technology call Tigo to optimize the effected panels. If you have a problem we can advise you the options.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on things

If your system has monitoring software built in, then you’re in luck. You can also retrofit a monitor if you want and this is one of the best ways to ensure your panels are working at their best every day. You might spot a sudden drop in output that can be explained by some fallen leaves, for example. This is easily resolved, helping you to maintain power over the darker months.