Solar takes off at Queensland Air Museum as Halcol install new system

The Queensland Air Museum is an aviation museum situated at Caloundra Airport in Queensland. Following recent consultations, Halcol Energy have installed and commissioned a new state of the art, solar energy system at the museum.

Queensland’s renewable energy

The government in Queensland is committed to the renewable energy industry in Australia, and have created a target for 3000 megawatts of solar (PV) photovoltaics or 1 million rooftops that they expect to achieve by 2020. The aim is to protect the environment, create jobs and to reduce electricity costs for businesses and families, by doing so. The State solar target will help Queensland to increase solar PV on community buildings, businesses and large industrial or commercial sites.

This is where Halcol Energy rise to the fore, with our aim to help local businesses, such as the Queensland Air Museum, to achieve their environmental goals, and to lower energy costs.

Solar energy for business in Queenslandimg_7854-copy

The overall expenditure to install solar PV has reduced significantly over recent years, and many businesses in Queensland are already reaping the benefits of solar power, including:

  • A reduction in electricity energy costs
  • Protecting against future electricity price increases
  • A reduction in the company’s environmental footprint
  • The possibility of marketing rewards
  • The possibility of tax advantages

Solar rebate incentives

There are available grants and rebates for individual households and businesses in the Queensland State region. Halcol Energy is compelled to ensure that you and your business receive the best advice and financial return from the Government Incentives available to you, in relation to your solar energy commitment. Get in touch with our Sales Team today to discover how much you could actually be saving on your energy bills.

As accredited Solar installers, Halcol Energy use only CEC approved Photovoltaic Inverters and Modules, so of course, just as Queensland Air Museum have discovered, your business is in knowledgeable, safe hands from the moment you first contact us.