The future of sustainable energy

You can’t have failed to hear about Tesla’s solar storage battery, The Powerwall in recent months. It’s basically a domestic battery system that stores the energy created by your solar panels so that you can carry on using it even after the sun goes down.

For too long, the biggest gripe about solar power is that once the sun dips, so does your power. Now, however, with Tesla’s Powerwall, you can use your solar booty in the evenings, reducing your reliance on the grid and even selling some electricity back if you produce and store enough.

Sunshine Coast residents can now grab the Powerwall 2

Sunshine Coast solar installation company Halcol is an approved Tesla dealer and is also certified to install the Powerwall 2. Bringing a solar battery into your home is the next step in solar as it means you’re moving further and further away from the grid and further towards a total solar and storage home energy solution.

If you want to find out more about the Tesla Powerwall 2, then give us a call on 0754388133 for more details or to book a free, no-obligation consultation with one of our fully-certified solar advisers.

Make even more use of the sun

Usually, when domestic solar panels produce more energy than the household needs during the hours of sunlight, that extra power is sent back to the grid. While the homeowner gets paid for their excess, they most often end up buying it back during the hours of darkness. Having a Powerwall enables households to store all that excess energy and use it after sundown.

Solar power – round the clock

The Powerwall 2 doesn’t just store excess power from the sun, it can store power from the grid when the unit rates are lower. It also optimises your home’s energy usage so you’re using as much sunlight as possible and paying as little as possible on your bill.

Energy security for years to come

All that and an attractive 10-year warranty too! If you’re looking to beat the energy price rises coming our way, then the Powerwall is here to help!