When it comes to Australian households investing in rooftop solar PV systems, it seems that the country is in the grasp of what perhaps can be described as a “solar boom”. Even for homes that use only a small amount of energy, reports confirm that commercial businesses and especially homeowners are choosing to install much larger arrangements of rooftop panels.

Residential systems reclassified

GEM (Green Energy Markets) have reported that larger systems, of 10-15 kW are now categorized as being for residential installations, instead of as previously classified, for commercial properties. The reductions in the cost of solar panels has inspired many more residents to install even larger Photovoltaic Solar Systems with capacity up to 20 kW.

2018 figures show an extraordinary increase in rooftop solar systems

Tristan Edis, the Director of the Green Energy Markets, described the uptake as exceptional, with the year getting off to a fantastic start where solar power is involved. During February 2018, 117.4 MW of solar apparatus was connected to the grid, with 2017’s total figures for installs reporting at 1000 MW. It appears that homeowners are taking the stance that it makes more sense to fit as many solar PV panels to your roof that you practically have space for, of course taking into consideration the quantity of panels that your Distributed Network Service Provider will allow you to fit.

Many Australian households with larger roof top systems, will attain more savings from energy that they feed back to the grid, than they will use on their own solar generated power. Another reason for going large, is that the actual cost per Watt reduces, meaning that a larger solar energy installation can provide a very strong return on your investment.