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What is sonnenFlat?

It is an energy tariff for sonnenBatterie owners. You receive a guaranteed amount of energy for a low monthly fee and in return some of the energy stored in your sonnenBatterie will be used to assist in the stabilisation of the electricity grid. Sonnen will give you a fixed amount of free electricity per day, which is determined based on your solar system size and sonnenBatterie capacity.

The offer is open to customers who install the sonnenBatterie and who have an existing or new solar system. All existing Halcol on-grid solar customers are able to take advantage of this exciting new innovation. This really is a no-brainer!

NEW: We also have a special offer unique to our relationship with Sonnen, where we can offer no monthly fee for the first 2 years and a market leading finance deal of less than 10% comparison rate for 7 years.

These offers are exclusive to Halcol Energy on the Sunshine Coast – no one else can offer you total independence from the grid with sonnenFlat.

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sonnenBatterie + sonnenFlat Features

  • Don’t pay for electricity again:  You get a set amount of power for free each day, all year around!
  • Save Money: Intelligently turn high power draining devices on and off automatically with the optional Power Adapters.
  • 20 year Life: backed by an market leading warranty – 10,000 cycles.
  • Size: System size is able to be sized from 4kWh, in steps of 2kWh increments up to a huge 16kWh of energy storage.
  • Save Even More Money: Store excess solar power for use at night to help maximise your solar self-consumption.
  • Monitoring: The Sonnen SmartPhone App and online portal allow you to track your usage and consumption.
  • Software: Smart Energy Management software cleverly manages your energy throughout the day.


Use solar energy at night
sonnenBatterie eco lets you enjoy the benefits of solar energy production 24-hours a day! Our integrated smart electronics manage energy use throughout the day, detecting when there’s excess power and storing it for use at night.

Harvest cheaper energy to use later
sonnenBatterie eco allows you to engage in ‘rate arbitrage’ – storing energy when it is cheap and running your home off the battery when rates go up. The sonnenBatterie eco is the right choice for every home and every budget.

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Base cabinet: 70/64/22
Dimensions 4 – 10 kWh: 137/64/22
Dimensions 4 – 16 kWh: 184/64/22

10,000 charge cycles

10 years

System Intelligence
With the use of predictive charging you maximize your PV output.

Storage Size
2 kWh – 16 kWh (expandable in steps of 2 kWh)

Operating Mode
Single or three phaseIndoor or outdoor


Complete Storage System
Everything included, ready to connect