Solar Estimator

Use this solar estimator to calculate the savings you can achieve from switching your home or business to solar energy with Halcol Energy.

Your current electricity usage

Input the data from your last energy bill as a daily input. Tariff 11 is your peak energy usage. Tariff 33 and 31 are your controlled supplies. This will then calculate the cost of your daily and monthly usage.

  Kilowatts Cost
Tariff 11 Usage $0.00
Tariff 33 Usage $0.00
Tariff 31 Usage $0.00
Total (per day)   $0.00
Total (per quarter)   $0.00


Select the size system that you think you will require to see the difference on your return on investment.

    system generates 6.30 kW
Usage 0.00 kW saving you $0.00
Fed into grid 6.30 kW paying $2.71
Daily Value of system $2.71
Quarterly Value of system $246.52

All costs and savings are approximate