Top Ten Reasons to Partner with Us

Making the decision to switch to Solar Power is a fantastic choice to make. The moment your Solar Power System is switched on you’ll start receiving an immediate return on your investment.

Just like any investment you make you need to know that your making the right choice from outset. You’ll want to know you’ve chosen the right Solar Installation company for you and that you’ll be receiving the best advice, products and service available.

Before committing to a Solar Power System Installer it’s prudent to do your homework. And if you’ve found our website site then we know that you are doing just that. You’ll possibly also already know that Halcol are the “Trusted Name in Solar” on the Sunshine Coast and here are our – Top Ten Reasons to Partner with Us:

1. Our Solar System Component Products are All Australian Supported

We understand the importance of working with trusted Australian supported brand named components to create your Solar Power System. We only use Clean Energy Council approved Solar (PV) Panels and Solar Inverters from trusted Solar brands whose products are tried and tested rigorously for the Australian market. In the event that something goes wrong with you Solar System component products this makes Warranty claims much easier to deal with.

2. We’re the Trusted Name in Solar for Queensland with Headquarters on the Sunshine Coast

With our Solar Powers’ sunny-man mascot we’re instantly recognisable. Our showroom and distribution headquarters are based prominently on the Nicklin Way (Sunshine Highway) and we’re here to stay. We’d love to meet with you if you can make it to our office so we can run through the benefits of Solar Power face to face. And of course show you the premium quality system components we use to design your Solar Power System.

3. We Only Use Premium Quality Trusted Brand Named Solar System Components

We’ve been around for years and have extensive experience of working with top brand named Solar Industry components. With Solar Panel (PV Module) Warrantees of up-to 25 Years we use recognised brand named Solar Panels from Bosch, CEEG, China Sun Energy (CSUN), Suntech and Rene Solar. Our premium quality Solar Inverters from Growatt, Latronics, SMA and Xantrex have Warrantees of up-to 5 Years. And we design and expect our Solar Power Systems if well maintained and looked after correctly to last a lifetime of 40 years and beyond.

4. We will Visit you in your Home for your FREE No Obligation Solar Consultation

We understand that committing to install a Solar Power System is a major long term investment for you. It’s an investment decision that we don’t expect you tho make lightly or without proper consultation and honest advice. We are proud to say that all our expert Solar Consultants are trained to conduct themselves with honesty and integrity at all times. We won’t engage in indecent pressure sales tactics to rush through the purchase process just to get a sale out of you. Our mission is to start a mutually beneficial long term relationship with you so that you Solar Power System continues to provide you with the maximum return on investment for year to come.

5. We will be Honest with you about the Performance of Your Solar Power System

During your FREE Solar Consultation we’ll ensure that we’re clear from outset with you regarding the possible performance of your chosen Solar Power System prior to it being installed. We’ll provide you with clear easy to understand information regarding the estimated reduction in your power bill. We promise to make it clear how we expect your Solar PV Panels will perform as performance can vary in differing regions and placement orientations. It’s our mission to minimise any possible system performance confusion prior to your Solar Power System installation so that your system performance and power bill reduction expectations are met.

6. We can Plan for the Future by Ensuring you can Expand your Solar Power System

We understand that everyone’s circumstance is different and that plans can often change. So if you’ve got plans already or aspirations to grow your family, extend your home, or increase your electricity usage in future then you may wish to consider expanding your Solar Power System’s capacity in future too. To enable you to do this easily and cost effectively our expert Solar Consultants will consider this with you from outset and design your Solar Power System to be readily expandable.

7. We will ALWAYS Advise if there’s going to be any Additional Costs

All of our Solar Power System Quotations are in writing, fully comprehensive and inclusive of all foreseen costs wherever possible. We try our upmost to consider all possible costs that may be incurred prior to quotation so that you know there’s no hidden costs from outset. Our Solar Consultants are trained experts and know what problems to look for that may require extra work to enable your Solar Power System to be installed. If they’re unsure for any reason then they’ll seek a second option to ensure that we’ve covered off all eventualities. In the unlikely event that there’s an unforeseen issue which may incur extra cost during install then we will always consult with you.

8. We Provide Everything Required to Install Your Solar Power System including Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers

All of our Solar (PV) Systems include the Solar PV Modules (Panels) for converting light into electricity, the required Panel Mounting Systems (Rails, Clamps, Feet, Splice Bars, Bolts and All), the Solar Inverter for processing the solar power from DC to AC electrical current to meet the electricity grid quality requirements, all the connecting Cables and Adaptors for delivering the electricity to you consumer Unit and the Generation Meter for recording how much electricity is being produced by your system. We even provide our own fully trained team of Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers to ensure you system is installed and performs the way it’s designed too.

9. Our After-sales Care and System Support & Maintenance is Second to None

Purchasing a Solar Power System is a long term investment and a major commitment for you. We need you to know that we’re committed to be by your side for the long term too. Our After-sales follow ups and Solar Power System Support & Maintenance service is second to none. We’ll be here to answer any questions you may have once your system is up and running and if you think you’ve got a problem with your system you’ll be able to report it to us via our Report a problem With Your System Form. We’ll also contact you every year to check and see how your systems performing and check whether you need to Book a Solar Power System Service.

10. You’ll be in Partnership with  the Sun and Halcol Energy the Trusted Name in Solar

Halcol Energy are proud to be the No.1 Installer of Solar Power Systems on the Sunshine Coast. We’ve installed thousands of systems all over Queensland and have an enviable reputation for the quality of our installs and service. We don’t expect to just take our word for it, please take a look at the testimonials on our site. In fact you’ll also find that Halcol are a Gold Rated Supplier of Solar Power System installations on the Solar Quotes website, which is widely regarded with the Solar industry as a great impartial resource for everything Sola. When you choose to partner with us to install your solar Power System you know you’ll be in safe hands with as well as in Partnership with the Sun.