Are you considering installing Solar Power?

solarSolar Power is changing the lives of millions of Australian homes, helping them to reduce energy costs, cut down on pollution and increase the value of their homes. Are you considering the concept of solar power, but are not totally convinced that it’s ideal for you?

However, first things first – an initial consultation with our specialist solar team will help you to understand how solar power works, and to decide which system is best suited to your requirements. Call us on (07) 5438 8133 for free advice and a no obligation quotation.

Should you still have unanswered queries, our Frequently Asked Questions will help you to decide to partner with Halcol Energy to install a Solar Power system for your home or business.

How can solar save me money?
When your home is producing solar power, your energy consumption from your retailer is reduced and you’re also selling your excess power back to them. Solar energy will also future proof your home from any rising electricity costs.

What are the ideal conditions required for a solar system to operate?
Of course Australia, with on average 216 days of sunshine per year, the prime weather conditions will produce more solar energy than other regions such as Europe. Here in Queensland, a roof facing north with a gradient of between 20-30 degrees is the ideal outlook. Lesser or greater pitch gradients will also generate good yields, as will solar panels facing either west or east, although returns maybe slightly less than those facing north. As long as you have daylight hours, you are able to generate green electricity.

Can I increase output and add batteries to my system?
During our initial FREE consultation, we will determine if you may want to expand your system in the future. Circumstances do change, and we are always able to design and spec your original Solar Power System for future expansion. Adding batteries to your system requires specific components integrated into your current system but Halcol Energy can determine the best, suitable option.

What factors, such as shading, affect the panel performance?
Yes, of course shading may significantly affect the output from your solar panels. Daily sunlight hours need to be taken into consideration, as do shading from static objects such as trees, flue vents and other structures. Considered and careful planning with a Halcol Energy consultant and design team will help with this. There are alternatives such as panel level optimisation, or micro inverters, that can increase overall green energy output.

What type of invertor do I need?
An inverter performs several functions. Initially, it transforms the DC power from the solar panels into the 240 AC power for home consumption. In addition, it has an maximum power point tracker (MPPT) that controls the panel voltage to achieve maximum power output. Inverters may have 2 x MPPTs to allow even greater flexibility for your system design.

Tier One Panel – if you are considering solar energy as long term investment of 3 years or more, a tier one panel is the optimum choice. These manufacturers consolidate the top 2 percent of the panel market and have automated production facilities to reduce panel defects, have control over their entire supply chain and have been producing panels for more than 5 years.

Premium Panel – these panels deliver the best performance, producing slightly more kWh per kW from the day of installation. They perform better in extreme heat and lower light, and degrade less than other panels. Consider installing Premium Panels if you have no intention of moving home in the near future. Of course, as with any investment, it can take a while to see a monetary return on your asset, which is why we suggest that they’re more suitable for longer term installations.

What do we provide at installation?
Halcol Energy provide everything you need to get you up and running. Solar (PV) Systems include the Solar PV Modules (Panels) for converting light into electricity, the required Panel Mounting Systems (Rails, Clamps, Feet, Splice Bars, Bolts and All), the Solar Inverter for processing the solar power from DC to AC electrical current to meet the electricity grid quality requirements, all the connecting Cables and Adaptors for delivering the electricity to you consumer Unit and the Generation Meter for recording how much electricity is being produced by your system. We even provide our own fully trained team of Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers to ensure your system is installed and performs the way it’s designed too.

How do I tell if I have installed a good quality panel?
Solar panel providers and installers will of course all tell you than their panels are of a high quality. It’s important that you carry out research prior to installation, as low quality panels may be more prone to manufacturing defects, and degrade quicker. Of course any company can provide a 25 year guarantee, but it may only be as valid as the paper it’s printed on – carry out your research into the manufacturer of the panels too and ensure that they are a well-established company.

Halcol Energy was first established in 2010 and with many years of experience and customer recommendations, we are now reputed to be the largest solar installation company on the Sunshine Coast, servicing the entire South East of Queensland region. Halcol Energy have installed thousands of green energy systems and have an enviable reputation for the quality of our installs and follow up service.

What aftercare service do we provide?
Halcol Energy after-sales follow ups and Solar Power System Support & Maintenance service is second to none. We are here to answer any questions you may have once your system is up and running and if you think you’ve got a problem with your system you’ll be able to report it to us via our Report a problem With Your System Form. We’ll also contact you every year to check and see how your systems performing and check whether you need to Book a Solar Power System Service.

Purchasing a Solar Power System is a long term investment and a major commitment for you. We need you to know that we’re committed to be by your side for the long term too.

Will my solar installation help the environment?
Installing a Photovoltaic Solar System contributes hugely to reducing your carbon footprint and creating a sustainable future for all future generations of Australians. Even a 1kw Solar Power System prevents the release of 1.5 tonnes of carbon each year. Over a 25 year period, a typical 3 kW Solar System will offset the following:

  • Greenhouse gas – 180,000 lbs/ 80 tonnes
  • Smog – 600 lbs /270 kg
  • Trees – The equivalent of planting around 1.5 acres of trees
  • Kilometers in the average car – annually 19,000 km

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